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What should you do after a serious truck accident?

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

No one plans to get into an accident with a big rig. When a situation like this arises, people are genuinely surprised and shocked, and so they are ill-prepared to take the appropriate action.

The prevalence of truck accidents

Truck accidents are severe and all-too prevalent, and they are becoming increasingly common in recent years. According to the National Safety Council, 5,005 fatal truck accidents occurred in 2019, which is a 43% increase from 2010’s numbers. Further, truck accidents represent 10% of all fatal auto accidents, a significant percentage.

Clearly, drivers need to know how to respond if they are in an accident involving a big rig.

What should you do?

After a serious big rig accident you should:

  • Make sure everyone is OK: The first priority is to make sure everyone on the scene is OK. Call 911 if anyone seems significantly hurt. Make sure you are taking care of yourself first and foremost. Get medical care.
  • Get critical information: Assuming you are physically able, get all the information you can, from the contact info of other drivers, contact information of witnesses, pictures, license plates, names of the police on hand, etc. All of this information could be extremely valuable in court.
  • Call a lawyer: As soon as possible after the accident, talk with an experienced truck accident attorney. A good lawyer can help you build your case and obtain the compensation you need.

Although the injuries sustained in an accident could prevent you from following those directions above, they are important to do if you are physically able.

What you should not do

No matter what else you do or say, do not admit fault to the police or talk with your insurance company until you have talked with an experienced truck accident lawyer.

There is a lot at stake in a truck accident case. Make sure you get the medical care you need, get any information that might help your case, and get the help of an experienced attorney on your side as soon as possible.