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Are Georgia High Rises Safe from Polyethylene Fires?

We like to think that the buildings we live in are safe from fire. But as we saw with the Grenfell Tower fire in London, in which metal composite panels with polyethylene (PE) led to a towering inferno, some materials that we use in our walls and construction might not be safe. Even here in Georgia. The polyethylene panels can give buildings a sort-of futuristic quality to them, they help insulate and they are cheap. But PE, a common plastic, is highly flammable. You don’t have to look all the way to London to see how this material could lead to danger. Just look to Atlanta, where in March, a section of highway collapsed due to a fire caused by PE. An investigative report by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution found that it can be difficult to discover whether your home or workplace is covered in flammable paneling. This is due to…
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Six Accidents That Occurred in Georgia Theme Parks, Fairs

An accident in Ohio recently left one person dead and seven injured. The accident, at the Ohio State Fair, involved a ride called the Fire Ball, a swinging, spinning machine. As it swung during the fair, a piece broke and sent people flying through the air. The ride has since been banned in several states. Georgia has its fair share of theme parks and fairs, as well. And our state is no stranger to similar accidents. Georgia Theme Park Accidents In 1984, a ride malfunctioned at Six Flags Over Georgia. The ride, the Great Air Racer, suffered a computer error, which led to cables dropping seats. A total of 34 people were injured during the drop. The same ride suffered another error the same week that led to four hospitalizations. In 2006, an unusual electrical accident at Six Flags Over Georgia led to the death of a three-year-old. The child…
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The Great American Eclipse is Here!

Are you ready for today’s eclipse? Here’s a live feed for those of you who can’t sneak away for a few minutes to watch. Remember: Make sure you don’t look directly at it without approved eye protection, and if you plan on using your phone, don’t point the camera too long or you’ll burn out the camera!