Who Should I Talk to at an Accident Scene?

It’s important to follow some basic steps if you find yourself
at the scene of a car accident. Talking to the police or going to the
hospital can help in an emergency situation. Talking to witness can
also be a good idea in case the police don’t get their information or
statements. This can be helpful in proving a case. Lastly it’s
important to contact your insurance provider as they can have policies
in place that exclude you from coverage if you don’t notify them
within a certain period of time. Watch as attorney Jessica Applegate
Edmonds explains in detail what steps you should take at the scene of
an accident.

Video Transcription:

At the scene of the accident I think that you should definitely talk
to the police officers, and you know if you’re there on the accident
scene and you don’t feel that you need an ambulance you should still
go to the hospital or to the med stop and get treatment. If you’ve
seen any witnesses I would get their contact information because
sometimes police officers don’t always do that and it’s very helpful
for you to prove your case if you can get contact information of
people that are there with you on the scene. At the scene of a car
accident I think it could be helpful to snap pictures, it’s always
helpful to have photos of the vehicles, you know the day of the wreck.
But if you’re injured, you know, focus on getting medical treatment,
but pictures at the scene are very helpful. If you’ve been involved in
a car accident you should absolutely call your insurance company
first, a lot of insurance companies have policies where if you don’t
notify them within a certain period of time then they try to exclude
your coverage. So, it’s very important to notify your insurance
company and then also you can call the other insurance company, but I
would call a lawyer first. To speak to somebody about your injury call