What is Your Family Life Like in Macon, Georgia?

While the clients and attorneys at the McArthur law firm might
be like a family to her, attorney Kathy McArthur still has one back
home that she needs to report to. With two daughters and two
stepchildren who are going on to do great things it’s hard not to see
the influence she has on people. Her husband, a hand surgeon, who also
helps with cases plays an equally important role in that of the family
and with the McArthur law firm. Watch this video to learn more about
Kathy McArthur and her family.

Video Transcription:

I have two daughters, my oldest daughter just graduated from law
school, and she’s going to be working with a federal judge for the
next couple of years and then joining the law firm of Austin and Byrd.
My youngest daughter is a junior at UNC and she doesn’t really know
what she wants to do yet, but I’m sure it’s going to be something very
interesting. I am married and my husband currently is the stepfather
of my children, he’s a hand surgeon here in Macon, and we’ve been
married 10 years. And he has two children that are 32 and 31, a son in
medical school who will be a fifth generation Floyd doctor, and a
daughter who’s getting her master’s in marriage and family counseling.
So I knew Waldo in a variety of different circumstances that are both
highly professional and very complex, as far as the work he does, also
knew him in this the status of taking his deposition as a defendant in
that lawsuit, which when I look back now is just seemingly hilarious
and ludicrous. He is my right arm on medical malpractice cases, he
helps me on doing the medical research once we are on the cases, he
helps me know what questions to ask and he also helps me find experts
because he’s the ultimate doctor’s doctor. At the McArthur law firm
our job is to fight for you, to make sure you get justice and
reasonable compensation for your injuries. To get in touch with us
call 1-888-We-Fight or go to our website McArthurLawFirm.com