What is it Like Working with Kathy McArthur and the McArthur Law Firm?

Kathy McArthur has been working at the McArthur law firm for over over thirty years. Through experience Caleb Walker has learned a lot from her over the years he’s worked at the law firm. Walker describes McArthur as one of the best trial lawyers in the state. The firm itself has a reputation for being willing to try cases and take cases to court, and that willingness also allows them to be able to resolve cases if need be. Their reputation helps, also, with insurance companies who are more willing to make a fair offer before going to trial. For more information go to McArthurLawFirm.com

Video Transcription:

I think Kathy is a very skilled lawyer with a ton of experience, she’s been practicing in this area of law for over thirty years, I’ve learned a great deal in the several years I practiced for her firm and I, she’s one of, I would say, one of the best trial lawyers in the state. I would say that the McCarthy law firm has a reputation of trying cases, being able to try cases and being willing to try cases, we feel that because we are willing and able to try cases that makes it easier to resolve cases without having to go to trial. Because our firm is willing to go to trial on those cases and have a jury decide how much they’re worth, that helps with convincing an insurance company prior to trial to make a fair offer. Because ultimately if a case goes to trial, and we’re able to obtain a good result for the client, the insurance company will have to pay the verdict, we hope, but we’ll also have to bear the expense on their side of the case of attorneys fees and expenses of the trial itself. For a free consultation about your personal injury claim call 1-888-we-fight.

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