What is it like working in Macon, Georgia and with Kathy McArthur?

Through the many years personal injury attorney Jessica Applegate has worked with Kathy McArthur she has learned a lot. Applegate describes her as fun, while also having standards that are so high she can’t help but set higher standards for herself. Unlike some other attorneys she might know Kathy McArthur really cares about her work and clients. Applegate also finds it important to enjoy the area she lives and works in. Macon, Georgia being close to her home is a big plus. Having a wonderful community with history and close proximity to fun activities are just added bonuses. Jessica Applegate is happy to work at the McArthur law firm in Macon, Georgia that works to help you in all sorts of cases where you are hurt by someone’s negligence. For more information go to McArthurLawFirm.com

Video Transcription:

I love Kathy, she is a legend, we call her a beast in the nicest way possible. She’s a great person to learn from because she is so fun, her standards are so high that you set your standards even higher for yourself. So she makes you work harder and I think that you learn more in a situation like that. And she really does care, unlike you know, some other attorneys. I like Macon because it’s not in Atlanta, and it is, I like Macon because it’s close to home, but it’s not too close, and it is a wonderful community, and it has history, and it’s a half hour from anywhere, you can go to the beach and in an hour and a half you can go to Atlanta, in an hour half sometimes, and it really is just a good place to live. The MacArthur law firm practices plaintiffs litigation work, which is personal injury, including car accidents, tractor-trailer wrecks, workers compensation, medical malpractice, premises liability, basically if you’ve been hurt because somebody else was negligent. We can help you to speak to somebody about your injury claim call 1-888-we-fight.

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