What Happens if There is a Delay in Diagnosis?

Attorney Kathy McArthur worked on a case involving a man who
initially went to the doctor to find out about blood in his urine. He
had bladder cancer at the time but wasn’t diagnosed until a year
later. The delay in diagnosis resulted in the patient keeping his
bladder a year longer than if he had been diagnosed at the initial
visit. Find out why in cases like these the client may still want to
file a malpractice case, if not just to prevent others from going
through something similar than their own.

Video Transcription:

We did have a case one time that was about bladder cancer, where a man
had had blood in his urine. He’d had blood in his urine for months,
the doctor just said you’ve just got a urinary tract infection, he
never did what needed to be done to diagnose the fact that he had
bladder cancer. There was over a year in delay of diagnosis of that
bladder cancer, but the cancer itself was in the neck of the bladder,
where you have cancer in the neck of your bladder that means your
bladder will be removed completely, which then they have other
mechanisms to catch the urine at that point which is not as pleasant
as it could be. But it ended up that the only damage in that case was
that the patient ended up keeping his bladder a year longer than he
would have had it been diagnosed at the time. So, sometimes we can’t
prove that it made any difference once we look at the medicine, talked
to the experts. We know sometimes it’s malpractice but it didn’t make
a difference or it didn’t make, we can’t prove that it made a
difference. But in the final analysis then, once we gather all the
information and talk to experts or get in the books ourselves and read
what the experts say about these things then we meet back with the
clients. And a lot of times on medical malpractice cases what people
are looking for is, they’re not really looking for money, they’re
trying to keep other people from going through the same thing that
they have. At the McArthur law firm our job is to fight for you, to
make sure you get justice and reasonable compensation for your
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