What Do You Like about Macon, Georgia?

While many are content staying in the city or state they grew up
in, that wasn’t the case for attorney Kathy McArthur. With her more
than three decade stint at the McArthur law firm, it’s easy for her to
call the area her home. With access to many physical activities,
performing arts, and friendly people it’s hard to miss the great
social environment in Macon, Georgia. Watch this video to find out why
attorney Kathy McArthur choose to work, raise her family, and call
this place her home.

Video Transcription:

Macon’s a great town, you know, there are a lot of people who think
that when they grow up they want to leave, it seems like they always
end up coming back. Macon is great in that it’s a big small town, if
there’s anything you want to do here there are great performing arts,
there is just access to any kind of physical activity that you want to
do, whether it’s running, biking. Macon offers a great place to raise
your family, great kid stuff, our school’s are coming on. Macon is
just a really nice place to live, where the people are really
friendly, and it’s a typical southern atmosphere where people are
welcoming and you’re immediately brought into the group and you have
friends. And actually my friend group, when I first was in Macon was
my tennis friends. And I would always say well I don’t even like most
lawyers that I know but I have lots of friends and they’re my tennis
friends and I’ve sort of grown into liking some of the lawyers that I
know too. But that was where I found my niche in terms of personal and
it’s just, it’s just a great place to live. At the McArthur law firm
our job is to fight for you, to make sure you get justice and
reasonable compensation for your injuries. To get in touch with us
call 1-888-We-Fight or go to our website McArthurLawFirm.com