What Should a Client Expect in a Personal Injury Consultation with McArthur Law Firm?

Some people may be uneasy reaching out to a lawyer for a personal injury consultation after a work accident or car wreck. In this video, attorney Jessica Applegate Edmonds explains how every person with a potential case, whether the injuries were relatively minor or serious, deserves to have the situation reviewed by a lawyer.

Video Transcription:

Some common questions that people ask, a lot of the time on the phone or in our free consultations, are you know: Am I hurt bad enough? Does my wreck really matter? You know, I wasn’t killed, do you still want to represent me? And the answer is always, yes. Every single wreck is different, every single wreck is important, and every single client is important. I can’t stress enough that there is no little injury, and there is no: My injury isn’t good enough. If you’re injured because somebody has hurt you, and they were doing something wrong when they were driving, you have a right to be compensated for that. Even if it is a small amount of compensation, you still have a right to be compensated. So, we still want to talk to you and we still want to help you. To speak to somebody about your injury call 1-888- WE-FIGHT.