What Makes an Injury Serious After an Accident?

Sometimes, you may hear attorneys refer to “catastrophic injuries,” which means that the injuries will change the victim’s entire life. However, any injury can be serious because any injury can affect your life. In this video, attorney Jessica Applegate Edmonds explains what makes an injury serious to her, as a personal injury lawyer.

Video Transcription

You know all injuries are serious, because they’re serious to you and they’re serious to us. So, whenever somebody says: well my injury isn’t all that serious—it is. Because it matters to you. And it affects your life and so that makes it matter to me. And Ms. McArthur. And the MacArthur Law Firm. And so, injuries—I don’t like it when people say: injuries are catastrophic or serious or whatnot. Because every injury matters. And you have a right to pursue most injuries. I see a lot of injuries from slip and fall cases, you know, focused on the legs, back or shoulder, when somebody tries to catch themselves. So, slip and fall cases are actually very hard to pursue based on the nature of—everybody just says: oh, slip and fall. I slipped and I fell, you know. And sometimes that’s right. And sometimes it’s not right. But I would say, always call a lawyer and get it checked out. Because you never know what you can do. And cases are subjective. And so, you really need to just call a lawyer anyways. To see what goes on. You’ll probably talk to me on the phone. I’m happy to talk with you and hear about your case and tell you what I think is right. And I’ll probably confer with associates here, and Ms. McArthur, just a double check. But you’ll talk to us and we’ll let you know. And it’s no charge to speak to somebody about your injury, call 1-888-WE-FIGHT.