What Is Uninsured Underinsured Motorist Insurance and Do I Need It?

Uninsured underinsured motorist insurance (also known as UM/UIM) is coverage that every person and family needs in the event of a car accident. In this video, attorney Jessica Applegate Edmonds explains this type of insurance coverage, how it works, and why it is so important.

Video Transcription:

UM insurance is uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. And it is the most important thing for you to have on your insurance policy. I say that because, liability insurance covers other people who you may injure in a car accident. UM insurance covers you and whoever is in your car. And that’s so important because sometimes other people don’t always have liability insurance. And sometimes they may have the limits. The state limits in Georgia are only twenty-five thousand dollars. Which in the big scheme of things is not enough money for most people. As far as injuries and pain and suffering goes. And UM insurance has two types of UM insurance. Okay? The first type is reduced. Which means that it’s reduced by whatever you receive from the liability company. So, say I have twenty-five thousand dollar in UM insurance. And I’m hit by a car who has twenty-five-thousand-dollar liability coverage. So, you would think I would have fifty thousand dollars’ total coverage accessible to me. However, if I have reduced or set off I only have twenty-five thousand dollars available to me. It’s reduced and set off by the limits of the liability insurance which you can have. Now the second type would be add-on. And what that means is it quite frankly adds on to the liability limits. So, it increases you and it saves you. And if your insurance company, whoever you buy insurance from, if they tell you have full coverage. Always confirm with them that you have add-on uninsured motorist coverage. Because it is the most important part to have. To speak to somebody about your injury, call 1-888-WE-FIGHT.