What Happens to an Uninsured Motorist After a Car Accident in GA?

One of the most important things people should know about car insurance is to purchase UM/UIM insurance. An uninsured motorist who causes a car accident can seriously injury other drivers and passengers, who will then be left with little to no options without UM/UIM insurance. In this video, attorney Jessica Applegate Edmonds explains why individuals and families should always carry as much UM/UIM coverage as they can afford.

Video Transcription:

If you’re in a car accident, and you don’t have enough insurance, and you don’t have UM insurance, there’s nothing that we can do for you. It’s really unfortunate, and it’s upsetting to me, because I see it all the time. People just don’t know that they can help themselves. By protecting themselves by getting UM coverage. And I would say that the typical safe insurance coverage that somebody should have in Georgia. Because of the state law that we’re in and the UM and liability differences, is 100, 300. What that means is 100,000 in liability coverage. And then add on 100,000 in uninsured underinsured motorist coverage. And the 300 represents the 300,000 for a total wreck. So, for instance, if me and my parents are in a car and we’re all three injured, we would all three each have one hundred thousand dollars available. If we were injured, up to that amount of money in UM insurance. To speak to somebody about your injury call, 1-888-WE-FIGHT.