What Happens After a Georgia Truck Accident?

Truck Accident Attorney in Macon on What to Do After a Semi Crash

After a truck accident, the trucking company involved will spring into action to minimize any damage to its bottom line. This means sending in investigators to control the evidence, especially evidence of truck driver negligence. In this video, Georgia truck accident attorney Kathy McArthur explains why it is important to have your own team of advocates looking into the crash evidence as soon as possible to ensure the complex process of gaining the accident compensation you deserve remains transparent and open.

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Video Transcription

On the tractor-trailer collision cases, the insurance companies for those trucking companies will have someone on the scene the same day of the wreck, or within 24 hours. They want to control the evidence. They want to control the scene. They want to do away with anything that potentially is right there that is like, “Oh gosh, we don’t want anybody to see those beer cans,” or, “We don’t want anyone to know things that can be, not necessarily anything illegal done, but just get lost.”

People, even if it’s been 6 months later and they are finished with the aftermath of the terrible grief and the plans and the people in the hospital parts of things, a lot of the evidence may be gone by then by the way. So, they have to get somebody to call a competent attorney quickly so that we can get in there and fight for them, because there are people fighting from day one on malpractice cases and on big wreck cases to diminish what the people who are hurt are going to get.

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