Videos about Truck Crash Claims

Georgia Truck Accident Attorneys Explain These Unique Types of Wrecks

Crashes involving semi trucks are vastly different from any other kind of motor vehicle wreck. First, big rigs are much larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, meaning that ordinary motorists may be at risk for much more severe injuries in these types of crashes. Second, since trucks are not ordinary vehicles, a successful claim requires investigation by those who understand how a semi works. Lastly, trucking companies are generally liable for wrecks caused by their drivers. These companies often use aggressive tactics to dismiss or minimize injury claims.

In the following videos, the truck accident attorneys at McArthur Law Firm explain the unique aspects of a truck wreck claim. Our law firm has a history of success with these types of cases. For example, in one claim involving wrongful death and truck defects, we recovered a verdict of $23.2 million.