Georgia Medical Malpractice Attorney Testimonial

Our Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Macon GA Handle Nationwide Negligence Medical Cases

We trust hospitals and their staff to have our health as their priority. Sadly, many patients continue to suffer because of preventable hospital malpractice that should have never occurred. In this video, a past client talks about working with our medical malpractice attorney and staff at our Georgia law firm after hospital malpractice took the life of her loved one, and how our compassion and understanding helped her during this difficult time.

Negligence medical cases like this one are inexcusable, which is why our medical malpractice attorney fights for the rights of hospital malpractice victims and their families in and around Macon, including Savannah, Augusta and throughout Georgia. We also have the resources and experience to handle nationwide negligent medical cases. Get a medical malpractice attorney who fights for the most compensation and justice victims deserve. Call our Georgia law firm today.

Video Transcription

My husband was in the hospital. He was 83 years old, and he got an infection, needle infection. The infection went over his body, and that caused him to pass. He died from the nurses not changing the needle as they should.

I worked with Ms. McArthur and her staff for about a year. From the moment that I met her staff, they were so cordial. They were nice people. I don’t think I could have met anyone that understood the situation, that helped me through it, then Kathy.

If possible, you could get in touch with Ms. McArthur and her staff, you couldn’t find no better people. For anyone that would find theirself in a situation as I was in, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell them to call Ms. McArthur’s office. They’re good people. They’re honest people. They’re compassionate people.