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Personal Injury Lawyers in Georgia Work Hard and Do Not Settle

Why not get the best attorney to work for you? Our Macon attorneys always work for the maximum damages available, because our Georgia law firm believes clients deserve the most compensation and our reputation proves that we can. Watch this video from personal injury lawyer Kathy McArthur explaining how our Georgia law firm gets more money for clients.

We have successfully fought for clients in and around Macon, including Atlanta, Albany, Columbus and nationwide. Fighting for what you deserve is our main priority, and that means our Macon attorneys will not settle for anything less than the maximum compensation available for what you experienced. Call or submit a free claim review form now to have our personal injury lawyers start fighting for you.

Video Transcription

We specialize in civil tort cases, cases where people are injured no matter how they are hurt. That would cover medical malpractice cases, car wreck cases, workers’ compensation cases, premises liability cases. Anything where a person gets hurt, we represent the injured party. We never represent the insurance company or the at-fault party.

The difference in our firm and the firms that advertise a lot on television, a lot of them, is that we’re not just out for a quick settlement for a small amount of money. In our practice, what we do is we represent the individual. We get to the bottom of what happened. We give the case time to find out what is the injury and what is the meaning of that injury in the person’s life. We have a team of people waiting to work on the case.

A sole practitioner or a firm that has only one, or two or three people working in it, they just really can’t do the work that we can do where we have a team of 20 people that are all working toward the same goal. So, we have lawyers. We have paralegals. We have legal assistants. We have investigators. We have a whole team of people to work on the case, and we have the capital to fund the cases.

Any wreck can be put back together by people like Sean Alexander, who is just a fantastic expert accident reconstructionist. He’s got the technology that can draw the vehicles. He can recreate it and show exactly how the wreck occurred. He can the forces. He can figure the speeds. He can do everything to show the jury exactly in three-dimensional technology what happened.

We work harder. We don’t settle. If we have to go to trial and get a verdict, we do. Our clients get more money as a result of our reputation and the work that we’ve done on other cases.

My name is Kathy McArthur, and I’ve been practicing law for 35 years.