How Does McArthur Law Firm Build a Case?

A trucking company and their insurance company will want to start their investigation right away so it’s important to start your case right away as well. You want to collect your evidence and start an investigation into an accident to be able to present your evidence. The attorneys at the McArthur law firm know how to deal with cases, get involved right away, and start inspecting the scene, preserving physical evidence, etc. prior to filing suit. It’s important to hire a lawyer, the attorneys at the McArthur law firm have the experience and knowledge when it comes to your questions and going to court for you.

Video Transcription:

When our firm becomes involved in it in a truck wreck hopefully we become involved early on. Because a truck company and their insurer will start their investigation immediately on learning that the wreck occurred. And so the best possible course for an injured person is that their investigation and the collection of evidence to support their interests occurs as soon as possible, too. If we become involved early on in a case, if there is still the opportunity to inspect the scene and preserve physical evidence through photographs, documentation, mapping, that type of thing with a collision reconstruction expert we want to do that as soon as possible. We also want to contact the truck company to preserve the evidence that they control and do an inspection of that evidence prior to filing suit, if possible. Or if it’s not possible to obtain access to that evidence without filing suit, we would file suit on a case like that early on to use the legal process and the courts to obtain access to that evidence that’s controlled by the at-fault trucking company. For a free consultation about your personal injury claim call 1-888-WE-FIGHT.