Should I Just Settle My Case?

An insurance company wants to resolve a case for the least amount of money. They know that if a case goes to trial the range of compensatory results may vary. The McArthur law firm wants to go to trial on those types of cases to get you the best results. They take on the attorneys fees and expenses so that when the best results are achieved for the case the insurance company ultimately pays the verdict.

Video Transcription:

Insurance companies interest in handling cases is to resolve them for the least amount of money that they can. They would like to settle cases for less than one hundred percent of the value. But they understand that if a case goes to trial there may be a range of a low verdict result and a high verdict result. But over a number of trials they’re going to obtain a fair result. So, insurance companies know that if you take a case to trial a jury is likely not going to give a fair verdict close to a hundred percent compensation for the injury. So, when an insurance company knows that if they do not offer to settle a case for a fair value, what we would consider a full compensation. Because our firm is willing to go to trial on those cases and have a jury decide how much they’re worth. That helps with convincing an insurance company, prior to trial, to make a fair offer. Because ultimately if a case goes to trial, as soon as we’re able to obtain a good result for the client, the insurance company will have to pay the verdict, we hope. But will also have to bare the expense on their side of the case of attorneys fees and expense of the trial itself. For a free consultation about your personal injury claim call 1-888-WE-FIGHT.