Macon Car Accident Lawyer Handled the Entire Legal Process – Client Review

Past Clients Speak About How Our Personal Injury Attorneys in Georgia Successfully Handled Their Personal Injury Lawsuits

Getting into a wreck is hard enough, but how are you also going to deal with any potential legal matters when the crash leaves you with serious personal injuries? In this attorney testimonial video, our past clients whose cases involved severe injuries talk about how our Macon car accident lawyer and work accident lawyers took care of everything in their personal injury lawsuits, which allowed them to focus on their health.

Our team of personal injury attorneys in Georgia has helped hundreds of injury victims in Macon, Albany, statewide and throughout the United States. We fight smart, work hard and do not settle for unfair compensation. We pick up our pencils, investigate and do research but are also not afraid of entering the boxing ring at court if it means gaining the most financial damages possible. Call our Georgia law firm handling nationwide personal injury lawsuits, or submit an online form to schedule a free consultation with a Macon car accident lawyer today.

Video Transcription

[Robert speaking] This lady, I’d never seen her. She was in the outside lane and I was in the inside lane. I made my turn, I seen her drifting and I blowed my horn. She just kept drifting. I didn’t have no where to go because on the other side of the highway was a car coming out. So, I would have run smack into it.

I had called the law firm and told them I was in an accident. They asked me did I get injured, and I told them, “No, I feel OK, for right now.” The following Sunday, which was on the 24th, that’s when it came down on me. I had a problem ever since. So, I’ve been being treated for this problem. Every time I have a problem, I call the firm and they take care of everything.

[Helena speaking] I had an experience when I was working once, and I injured myself on the job, on my job. I wasn’t treated fairly.

[Robert speaking] There are good attorneys. There are slow attorneys, and there are good attorneys and bad attorneys. When it comes down to business, you can’t pick up a stick; you got to pick up a pencil. And that’s the best thing I can say about this law firm, is that they’re not picking up sticks; they’re picking up their pencils and they’re doing the right work – making sure their client is well taken care of.