What is an Example of a Truck Wreck Case You Are Working On?

Truck wrecks can cause serious injuries and fatalities. The attorneys at the McArthur law firm are experienced and knowledgeable in handling cases so that trucking companies are held accountable. Watch as Caleb Walker describes a truck case the McArthur law firm is currently handling and what steps they took to ensure their client got the best possible outcome out of their case.

Video Transcription:

As an example of a truck wreck case that our firm has handled, our firm is currently involved in a case that involves a wreck that occurred on Interstate 16. Our client was a passenger in a pickup truck that he owned, but his friend was driving. And they had pulled over completely off of Interstate 16, half on the emergency lane, half on the grass shoulder. Our clients friend went back to secure the trailer and as he’s completely off the roadway securing the trailer a tractor-trailer truck comes from behind the same direction of travel, and inexplicably this occurred at night, for no apparent reason the tractor trailer swerved off at the roadway, far enough off of the roadway onto the emergency lane to hit the trailer, the pickup truck, and also our client’s close friend who was the pedestrian, and killed him on impact. Our client had serious physical injuries but the circumstances of the wreck being so terrible and seeing what what happened to his his friend caused him very very bad mental and psychological injuries that he’s had to seek care from a psychiatrist for over the several years since this wreck occurred. We argued the case in the court of appeals and obtained a favorable ruling from the court of appeals that held that our client was in this circumstance entitled to pursue damages for his non physical, psychological injury. We’re entitled to present the evidence to the jury which is always a good thing for an injured party. For a free consultation about your personal injury claim call 1-888-WE-FIGHT.