Evander Holyfield Commercial

Evander Holyfield Calls Our Georgia Personal Injury Attorney “the Real Deal”

McArthur Law Firm in Macon Fights Statewide for the Most Money Available in Claims – Because We Can

It takes knowledge, experience and courage to stand up to those that are used to getting their way and paying less than what personal injury claims are worth. However, the skills to gain the compensation you deserve after a devastating car or truck wreck or act of hospital negligence is exactly what Georgia personal injury attorney Kathy McArthur has. With more than 35 years of experience and $250 million in recoveries gained for clients’ damages, pain and suffering, Evander Holyfield knew he saw “the Real Deal” in Georgia personal injury attorney Kathy McArthur. Watch our commercial featuring some of the most significant recoveries we fought for on behalf of our clients in and around Macon, Atlanta, throughout Georgia as well as nationwide.

If you need someone to fight for you, to stand by your side and ready to throw the last knockout punch in the courtroom, call a Georgia personal injury attorney at McArthur Law Firm today. You deserve the best attorney, and gaining the help of our personal injury law firm in Macon costs about the same as other personal injury lawyers who may not have the experience or skill needed to get you more money for your claim. Our personal injury lawyers will, because we can.

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When you’re on the ropes, Kathy McArthur has your back. Call 1-888-WE-FIGHT. Kathy McArthur is “the Real Deal.” We fight to win. Call 1-888-WE-FIGHT.