Does Your Law Firm Have Experience Handling Truck Accidents?

Macon Truck Accident Lawyer Explains Georgia Direct Action Statute

Pursuing cases against large corporations and their insurance companies can be difficult after truck accidents without experienced lawyers. The trucking industry will do anything in its power to protect its bottom line. In this video, Macon truck accident attorney Kathy McArthur explains the statutes that allow truck crash victims to name trucking insurance companies as defendants and how an experienced lawyer can help ensure your success in a personal injury case.

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Video Transcription

Well, some of the work that we do is some of the most hard-fought litigation that there is. And most of the time, it has to do with when you’re suing a big trucking company; at the same time, you are suing their insurance company. Because in Georgia, we have what’s called a direct action statute, where you actually name their insurance company as the defendant. Because tractor-trailers on the road are deemed so dangerous that we have a special statute in Georgia that requires them to carry insurance, and that if they do something that is wrong and creates injury or death, then you can name the insurance company as a defendant. You can’t do that in any other kind of case.

So, when you have a case of magnitude where a jury might look at it and say, “Wow, this is worth a million dollars or more,” then what you see is a huge fight to deny liability. On these cases and on malpractice cases, the victim is blamed and you have to have somebody who is steadfast and says, “No, that’s not going to fly.”

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