Does Drug Use Cause Many Truck Wrecks?

In some cases, trucking crashes can result due to the truck driver’s use of drugs, either legal or illegal. Trucking companies must test their employees and perform background tests to ensure that their drivers do not have a history of drug or alcohol abuse. Nevertheless, truck drivers may cause accidents through the improper use of legal medications. For example, drivers may abuse caffeine or stimulants to avoid drowsy driving. However, these over-the-counter substances may actually increase the risk of a wreck. In this video, attorney Caleb Walker answers the question: how can drug use cause many truck wrecks?

Video Transcription

Drug use, whether it’s legal or illegal drugs, prescription or over the counter, is also a factor in terms of: anytime, if it’s legal or not to use the substance, if it impairs your driving ability, a truck driver should not be using it while driving. For instance, there are strict rules about pain medications. For instance, if a driver is prescribed pain medication, for whatever problem he may have., he’s not allowed to drive. If it’s the type of pain medication that would impair his driving ability. Another issue that occurs with truck drivers is the use of, not necessarily illegal substances, but substances such as caffeine. Or what’s commonly called No-Doze. And that type of thing. That a driver may use to try and help him stay alert or drive odd hours through the night. Early in the morning. When otherwise he might be drowsy. And unable to drive at the level we would expect a safe driver to maintain. Which is also, if you need a substance to drive alert, you probably should not be driving. For more information go to our website at or call us directly at 1-888-WE-FIGHT.