Macon Car Accident Lawyer Testimonial

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Any wreck can be life-altering. As a past client explains in this attorney testimonial video, our Macon car accident lawyer was more than a lawyer. He feels that Macon car accident lawyer Kathy McArthur and her team of personal injury attorneys at the McArthur Law Firm truly cared about the outcome of his accident claim.

Our Georgia law firm cares about all the results we gain on behalf of our clients. That is why our personal injury attorneys in Georgia vow to fight to get the most compensation we can to help individuals and families move forward after wrecks, medical malpractice and other causes of serious injury or wrongful death threatens their livelihoods. Experience the difference our Macon car accident lawyer can make for your claim. Call or submit a claim review form for free attorney advice today.

Video Transcription

My name is Tony Blakely. We were on our way to visit, actually, a friend that had MS. We were, like, maybe not even half a mile from her driveway, and someone on a cellphone texting pulled out in the highway. Didn’t even stop. Lost control of their car. Swerved over in front of ours, and it was basically like a head-on collision.

The engine started coming through the compartment. Hit me on the knee that was resting on the console. My leg dislocated, broke the hip in the back. When it came back in, it broke it from the other side – popping it back in.

I really didn’t know what to think. I’ve never had to hire an attorney before, never needed an attorney. Going through this whole situation, I realized the insurance company was not looking out for my best interest. I knew Ms. McArthur was not just a lawyer. She actually cared about what happened to me, and I needed somebody on my side.

The accident was obviously the other person’s fault. So, we got a settlement to help pay for my bills, help try to get me back out of the hole from where I slid backwards. I still ended up losing my home, because the money didn’t come through in time. But today, I just closed on a home. I’m starting back over again, all thanks to Ms. McArthur.