Can I File a Lawsuit for the Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer in GA?

Often, an incorrect or missed diagnosis of a serious illness can cause severe injuries and even wrongful death. For example, you may be able to file a lawsuit for the delayed diagnosis of cancer, if the delay allowed the cancer to spread. In this video, attorney Kathy McArthur explains how our medical malpractice lawyers investigate misdiagnosis cases and discusses how a lawsuit can help protect future potential victims.

Video Transcription

We immediately get all the medical records that pertain to what went on, from the beginning to the end. And we need to see what the initial presentation was. What the beginning symptoms were. Let’s say you’ve got a cough that won’t go away, and/or a lesion on your tongue, and the doctor thinks it’s just nothing. And you are seen, and you’re seen, and you’re given medication, and you’re treated conservatively. And a year goes by. Well, we need to look at those medical records to see if the signs and symptoms were there, they were just ignored. Then when we get to the point where we say, okay, the standard of care was—and we base this not on what we think, it’s based on what a medical professional thinks. Who’s in the same specialty that the physician was in. So, we look at everything. In terms of all of what went in the beginning through diagnosis. Then we look at: what is it? What is the diagnosis? Is it something that’s so aggressive that it doesn’t really matter when this was diagnosed? And a lot of times on medical malpractice cases, what people are looking for is their right. They’re not really looking for money. They’re trying to keep other people from going through the same thing that they have. So, and I hear that. I have heard that for 36 years from people who think they have a medical malpractice case. They just don’t want someone else to suffer the way they have. So, they really would rather have the doctor’s license. They would rather do anything, get the word out. But really, the only thing that can be done is to pursue with the lawsuit. At the McArthur Law Firm, our job is to fight for you. To make sure you get justice and reasonable compensation for your injuries. To get in touch with us, call 1-888-WE-FIGHT, or go to our website