Are Slip and Fall Accident Injuries Serious?

Slip and fall accident injuries can include broken bones, as well as head and back trauma. The elderly, in particular, are susceptible to serious injuries from these types of situations. In this video, attorney Jessica Applegate Edmonds explains some of the premises liability cases she’s handled, and the types of specific injuries she’s seen with slip and fall accidents.

 Video Transcription:

Businesses have a duty to keep their premises hazard-free, safe for you, and say for the patrons that are invitees of the business. They are on the grounds, shopping, doing whatever that you would do at this business, and they have a duty under Georgia law to make sure that their business is safe as far as the location. Some of the injuries that I’ve seen from slip and fall accidents: fusions in your lower back, fusions in your neck, depending on the fall. For instance, if you fall straight down. I have a case where woman fell straight on her tail end. And the trauma caused her to have two fractured discs and her lower back. So, she had to have a pretty invasive fusion of her spine, which you know was a very long recovery and very painful for her. So, I’ve seen a shoulder injury where somebody has tried to catch themselves when they fall in. I’ve seen, you know, maybe a broken ankle or something if they tripped and fallen. The injuries are really diverse. To speak to somebody about your injury call 1-888-WE-FIGHT.