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Verdicts and Settlements

Millions In Compensation Gained For Car Crashes, Truck Wrecks And Medical Malpractice Cases In And Around Macon, Statewide And Nationwide

The McArthur Law Firm prides itself on excellent client communication, dedicated legal counsel, thorough investigations into every case and aggressive representation in court. Some lawyers only settle cases to get a quick payout. Therefore, you should always ask any lawyer if he/she has a history of taking cases to trial. Georgia personal injury attorneys generally charge the same percentage of attorney fees whether they are seasoned litigators or not. Thus, why would you go with a lawyer who does not have this experience?

Don’t be fooled and become a victim of a bad lawyer. All Georgia personal injury lawyers are NOT the same! Find and demand the best. It won’t cost you higher fees and you will get more money.

Read and watch our past client testimonials, and contact the McArthur Law Firm for more information about these personal injury lawsuit verdicts and settlements.

Information About Our Georgia Personal Injury Law Firm Verdicts and Settlements

$23.2 Million Co-Counsel Verdict – Truck Wreck

Our Georgia personal injury lawyers gained a $23.2 million verdict when a tractor-trailer blocked the roadway just before daylight with its trailer perpendicular to the road. Our client and her two children went underneath of the trailer of a vehicle owned by Schneider National Carriers, Inc., and insured by Liberty Mutual. This then caused the near decapitation of the mother and severe injury to one child. The jury awarded $10 million for the wrongful death of the mother as well as $8.2 million for the injury to the child. The jury also gave $5 million in punitive damages.

$20.0 Million Settlement – Truck Wreck


$15 Million Verdict – Car Accident Wrongful Death

Our client was the best man at a wedding, traveling to the reception in the back seat of a car with four other people. A speeding driver struck them from behind, which then killed the young man and injured the others. The speeding driver was in a company car and he had a long history of excessive speeding across the state. This violated his employer’s stated policy, which should have prevented him from driving given his dangerous traffic history.

$5.2 Million Settlement – Car Accident Personal Injury

Our client, a 24-year-old male, was in a rear end collision that then resulted in multiple injuries including: the need for a lower back surgery, numerous back injections, two shoulder surgeries and chronic back pain.

$5.2 Million Verdict – Medical Malpractice

Our attorneys obtained a jury verdict of $5.2 million in a medical malpractice case involving the delayed diagnosis of a spinal condition. Our client, a 33-year-old female nursing assistant, went to a Houston emergency room four times for treatment of pain and numbness in her back, hip and leg. The ER doctor incorrectly diagnosed her condition and failed to order and MRI. As a result, our client suffered permanent nerve damage from a ruptured disk. In this case, we argued that our client received substandard treatment due to her weight and the fact that she did not have health insurance. After a two-week trial, the jury returned a verdict of $5.2 million; this sum was reduced to $3.12 million as the jury found our client 40 percent at-fault for her injuries.

$2.75 Million Settlement – Car Accident Personal Injury

Our client was a 23-year-old female that was in a rear end collision. Our client had her vehicle impacted by a pharmaceutical sales representative. As a result of the wreck, our client suffered a neck injury, facial scarring, minor traumatic brain injury (TBI) and a dislocated hip.

$2,506,814.00 Verdict – Truck Accident Personal Injury

In 2011, we obtained a verdict of $2,506,814.00 in the Superior Court of Telfair County against Horton Homes, Inc.; Horton Iron Works, LLC; The Putnam Group, LLC; and Employers Mutual Casualty Company. Record verdict in Telfair County for our client who sustained serious injuries when a tractor-trailer jackknifed and crossed center hitting his wrecker head-on.

$2,001,021.08 Verdict – Tractor-Trailer Wreck Wrongful Death

A $2,001,021.08 verdict in the Superior Court of Bleckley County for the wrongful death of a Bleckley County school teacher when a tractor-trailer owned by Bennett Trucking Company lost control, crossed center and struck her vehicle head on.

$1,833,333.33 Verdict – Tractor-Trailer Wreck Wrongful Death

A $1,833,333.33 verdict against Builders Transport and Georgia Pacific in the Superior Court of Henry County for the wrongful death of our client when a tractor-trailer rear ended his vehicle.

$1,822,000.00 Verdict – Tractor-Trailer Wreck Wrongful Death

A $1,822,000.00 verdict for wrongful death of our client’s husband when a tractor-trailer load shifted and fell, causing the collision.

$1.6 Million Verdict – Tractor Trailer Wreck

On November 17, 2014 in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Georgia, we obtained a verdict of $1,600,000.00 for a young woman. A tractor-trailer changed lanes on top of our client’s vehicle. She then sustained a broken ankle and hand after leaping from her car, which was trapped underneath the edge of a tractor-trailer’s trailer and was dragged down the road. The jury deliberated three hours before bringing in the verdict in excess of $1 million. Both the truck driver and the plaintiff were talking on their cellphones at the time of this wreck.

$1.6 Million Verdict – Medical Malpractice

On August 27, 2017, our medical malpractice attorneys obtained a jury verdict of $1.6 million for the family of a victim whose wrongful death resulted from medical malpractice in the emergency room. This verdict was delivered during the third trial involving this particular case. In 2014, the judge granted us a retrial after making an error in reading the charge. In 2016, the second trial was declared a mistrial.

$1.57 Million Verdict – Improper Maintenance of Tractor-Trailer Personal Injury

A $1,570,000.00 verdict against McLendon Trucking Company in the State Court of Fulton County. A McLendon Trucking tractor-trailer lost one of its tires, which then rolled across center and hit our client’s vehicle head on. This then caused him to ultimately have neck surgery. The verdict was $300,000.00 general damages, $875,000.00 punitive damages and the rest went towards wages and medical care. The case was about poor maintenance on the tractor-trailer.

$1.4 Million Settlement – Bicycle Accident

A $1.4 million settlement of a case involving a bicyclist that ran into the side of a vehicle that turned left in front of him. Then, the bicyclist was struck by a vehicle that came up immediately following the first wreck. His injuries resulted in death. The vehicle that turned in front of him ended up having $100,000.00 in coverage, which was then applied and paid. The vehicle that struck him after he and the bicycle were down in the road had $1.3 million in coverage, which was also paid.

$1,107,848.26 Verdict – Tractor-Trailer Wreck Personal Injury

In 2009, we obtained a verdict of $1,107,848.26 for our client who was stopped in traffic and was rear ended by a tractor-trailer owned by Richard W. Horne and insured by Northland Insurance. Our client had neck surgery because of the collision.

$1 Million Settlement – Motorcycle Accident

A $1,000,000.00 settlement for a motorcycle rider where a vehicle pulled out in front of the motorcyclist. This caused the motorcyclist to sustain severe injuries, which then resulted in his inability to continue his work as a fireman.

$1 Million Settlement – Negligent Law Enforcement

A $1,000,000.00 paid for the deaths of two black males when a law enforcement officer struck them while they crossing the street when he was traveling in excess of 90 mph without lights and siren. The allegations were that he was guilty of vehicular homicide and reckless driving and was driving well in excess of the speed limit without authorization. The County only had $1 million in coverage, and, after it was demanded, the County chose to pay rather than fight.

$780,000.00 Verdict – Truck Accident Personal Injury

A $780,000.00 verdict against W. Supply Company when its truck crossed center and struck the vehicle in which our client was a passenger. She was a 78-year-old grandmother. This was the State Court of Bibb County.

$700,000.00 Settlement – Motorcycle Accident

Settlement of case for $700,000.00 on behalf of the motorcycle rider struck from behind while traveling to work early in the morning on I-16. He sustained injuries which then required two surgeries to his shoulder and resulted in his inability to continue work as a truck driver.

$522,701.32 Verdict – Tractor-Trailer Accident Personal Injury

Verdict against Guy M. Turner Trucking Company on behalf of our client in Greensboro Superior Court Division, County of Guilford, State of North Carolina. The subject tractor-trailer ran into the rear of traffic that stopped for construction ahead. Our client had neck surgery as a result of the collision.

$500,000.00 Settlement – Car Accident Personal Injury

Our client, at the time of the accident, was a 24-year-old male. Our client was rear ended, and, as a result of the accident, he suffered two broken teeth and a whiplash injury.

$393,504.78 Verdict – Tractor-Trailer Wreck Personal Injury

In 2009, we obtained a verdict of $393,504.78 against James R. Smith Trucking Company, Inc. Our client ran into a parked tractor-trailer that had no lights, no cones and no triangles behind it to show that it was there. Our client had knee surgery and soft tissue neck injuries as a result.

$375,000.00 Verdict – Car Accident Changing Lanes

Lee and Johnny Kendrick vs. Albert Padwa and John Doe – Caleb Walker and Macon personal injury lawyer Kathy McArthur tried this case in the State Court of Fulton County beginning September 1, 2015, ending with a verdict of $375,000 for the Plaintiffs on Friday, Sept. 4.

Lee Kendrick worked as an infection control nurse at Henrietta Egleston Hospital for Children. She was on her way home from work at about 4:00 one Friday afternoon in Atlanta traffic. The defendant, Padwa, came out of the lane to her right, striking her vehicle and knocking her into the oncoming traffic lane. Her car was hit almost head on.

Kendrick was taken by ambulance to the hospital where she was treated and released later in the day with diagnoses of bumps, bruises and strains. She ended up having two shoulder surgeries for injuries to her shoulder as well as numerous injections in the shoulder. She had soft tissue injuries to her neck and suffers with chronic neck pain. Kendrick also has had several injections in her neck as well as two nerve ablations in her neck. Both her neck and shoulder continue to give her a lot of trouble, four years after the wreck. Her medical bills were $121,000 and lost income was $22,000.

The lawsuit claimed that the injuries to Lee Kendrick were caused by the carelessness of Albert Padwa in changing lanes into the car driven by Ms. Kendrick, which knocked her into oncoming traffic. Padwa claimed that he changed lanes suddenly into Kendrick because an unknown vehicle ahead of him came to a sudden unexpected stop, and he had to change lanes to avoid colliding with the rear of that vehicle. No other vehicle stopped, so that is why John Doe was named as a defendant in the case. The jury found Defendant Padwa 100 percent responsible for the wreck and Lee Kendrick’s injuries.

The last offer of settlement prior to trial was $202,000. The jury’s verdict was $375,000. The hardest part of this case as far as getting a large verdict was that the case was against an individual, Defendant Padwa, and he was 78 years old.

$350,000.00 Settlement – Car Accident Personal Injury Tractor-Trailer Accident

Our client was in a wreck with a tractor-trailer. The tractor-trailer stopped in a lane of traffic, which causes the accident. As a result of the incident, our client received various back injuries which caused him pain that inhibited his ability to work. After several years of pain, our client then lost his job.

$126,000.00 Verdict – Personal Injury by Vehicle

Attorney Caleb Walker got one of the largest personal injury by vehicle verdicts in Baldwin County Superior Court in Judge Wingfield’s courtroom in the amount of $126,000.00 on October 15, 2015.

$96,000.00 Verdict – Log Truck Defective Speedometer Accident

Our clients stopped at a light when a log truck came from behind them. The truck could not stop. It swerved left, but it sideswiped their car. The truck driver said he could not stop, although he was standing on his brakes for 50 yards prior to the impact. He claimed there was no problem with the brakes on the truck. However, he admitted that the speedometer on the truck did not work. The clients did not go to the emergency room but went to their doctor the next day. Their car was drivable after the wreck with the back left tire changed. They each had soft tissue, neck sprain, shoulder sprain and wrist sprain type injuries. They each had prior chronic problems with neck pain and had arthritis in their necks that pre-existed this wreck.

The husband, age 71, had $15,000 in medical bills and the wife, age 67, had $8,000 in medical bills. They had no time in the hospital, no broken bones, no cuts and no stitches. The husband had severe chronic low back pain not caused by this wreck. The wife had psychological problems with depression and anxiety that made her unable to testify in the trial of this case. The final offer before trial was $18,000 on each case. The defense attorney argued that the jury should award each plaintiff $4,500 and that they were not really hurt in this wreck.

Macon attorneys Caleb Walker and Kathy McArthur tried a case in Forsyth, Monroe County GA. The jury’s verdict was $66,000 for the husband and $30,000 for the wife.

These clients are the parents of a prior client for whom the firm had gone to trial about 10 years ago and obtained a verdict of $1,025,000. They insisted our Macon attorneys handle and try this case for them. I felt compelled to do so because of the unfair nature of the offers on their cases. While the result on this case is not huge in monetary value, it is a triumph of what is right over the greed and unfairness of the insurance industry in dealing with deserving victims of careless truck drivers. Our firm argued the brakes on the truck probably were not in good working order, just like the speedometer. Furthermore, the driver was paid by the load. This then encouraged him to drive this truck (which was in poor condition) too quickly for the conditions.

Confidential Result – Medical Malpractice

Our client was a 62-year-old male that suffered a facial nerve monitor malfunction during a removal of a benign tumor. As a result of the medical equipment malfunction, our client had his facial nerve severed which resulted in Bells Palsy.

Confidential Result – Medical Malpractice

Our client was a 45-year-old female that experienced complications as a result of a delayed diagnosis in breast cancer. Our client consulted with her doctors for over one year until the doctors delivered the final diagnosis of breast cancer.