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Did Wells Fargo Retaliate Against Whistleblowers?

They created around 2 million ghost accounts and fraudulent credit card accounts. Many of them claimed they were pressured to do it because of impossible sales goals. Over 5300 of these people were fired for their part in the scandal. However, not all Well Fargo employees were a part of the scandal that shook American banking. As a matter of fact, some employees might have tried to expose it. Did Wells Fargo Retaliate Against Whistleblower Claims? She had been a branch manager for 11 out of the 14 years she had worked for Wells Fargo, so she wasn’t prepared for what happened when she exposed fraud at the bank. This bank manager found around 25 instances of fraudulent sales activity by bank employees, but when she reported them, the problems didn’t get fixed. This woman claims that she was harassed and eventually fired by her supervisors after she blew the…
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Why Did A Major Georgia Hospital Settle A Whistleblower Case?

In 2008, Fairview Park—a hospital in Dublin, Georgia—hired a new executive director of the cardiovascular program. This new department head immediately rejoined a national study that the hospital had dropped out of due to complications. Unfortunately, those complications continued, despite the new director’s warnings. Did The Hospital Break The Law? A patient at Fairview Park had died three months into the hospital’s first stint in a national study of angioplasty in small community hospitals. The subsequent investigation revealed that one of the hospital’s doctors had performed unnecessary interventional procedures and so the hospital left the study. Fast-forward to 2008, and the hospital’s new cardiovascular director wants to reenter the national study, but he warns hospital supervisors to put the doctor who had been investigated under heavy supervision. His warnings were ignored. When the cardiovascular director saw what he interpreted as medically unnecessary cardiology procedures being charged to Medicare and Georgia…
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Do Whistleblowers Have Protection In Georgia?

He was tenured, he was the dean of the university’s graduate school and he was the assistant vice president of research, but when this Valdosta State University professor complained that university research grants were misusing state and federal funds, he started an uproar. The former president and vice-president of the university apparently didn’t like what the professor had to say, but they could not fire him, so they allegedly demoted the professor instead. Now this whistleblower has taken his case to the Georgia Supreme Court, but will his pleas for justice be heard? Do Whistleblowers Have Protection In Georgia? The former assistant vice president of research at VSU filed several whistleblowing retaliation charges against VSU and its former administrators, and in the Fulton County Superior Court some of those charges were dismissed. However, the Georgia Court of Appeals saw the details differently, and reinstated part of the professor’s suit against…
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