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Would Vision Zero Work In Macon?

It’s a safety initiative that has travelled the world and most of the country, and now Vision Zero is landing in Macon-Bibb county. However, can the plan to reduce and eliminate pedestrian fatalities really work for Georgia cities? Right now the city is undergoing several construction projects to make our streets safer, and many county officials believe that a multi-national road traffic safety project could contribute to that safety. The project is called Vision Zero, and it aims to reduce pedestrian fatalities to zero in our county. Where Has Vision Zero Been Used? Vision Zero was first instituted by the Swedish government in 1997 as an initiative that uses ethics, responsibility, safety, and mechanisms of change to improve safety on the road. So far the project has spread to the Netherlands, Canada, the United Kingdom, and now the USA. New York, Boston, and Los Angeles have already implemented Vision Zero…
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