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“Full Coverage” is Not Full Coverage

What is “full coverage” insurance?  If your car insurance policy has “full coverage”, it probably does not have as much coverage as or the type of coverage that you expect, and it probably does not include UM coverage.  A policy that has what many refer to as “full coverage” usually means the policy has: (1) Liability coverage (this is insurance money that would be available to cover damages and harm you caused to another person while driving your insured vehicle) (2) Collision coverage (this is insurance available to you to repair your vehicle in the event of a wreck) (3) “Comprehensive” coverage (this is insurance that is available to repair your vehicle if it is damaged by theft or vandalism) As you can see, “full coverage” does not include any insurance to protect you or your passengers if you are hurt in a wreck. Every person deserves an explanation of what insurance coverage actually…
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