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How ELDs Prevent Drowsy Driving

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) are federally mandated devices that help to increase the safety of the roads for drivers. The device is linked to the commercial truck driver’s engines to more accurately record the driving times and hours of service. These devices were created to prevent truckers from dozing off while driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that drowsy driving was responsible for over 700,000 car accidents in 2013. AAA has reported that 10 percent of car accidents are caused by drowsy driving in earlier this year. The ELDs are mandated to help prevent commercial truck drivers from driving over the allotted safe driving times.These records are collected electronically for accuracy. Though these mandates are in place to increase road safety, the ELDs do not automatically control the vehicle if the driver goes over their allotted driving time. When driving around large commercial trucks, it’s important to practice…
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Why You Should Never Wait to Speak with an Attorney After a Truck Accident

Commercial trucks are the largest vehicles on the road, in some cases weighing 20 to 40 times more than regular passenger vehicles. These enormous vehicles can cause significant damage when they crash into smaller vehicles, even during collisions involving low speeds. Federal crash data shows that 3,500 to 4,000 people are killed in truck accidents each year. Countless others suffer life-altering injuries. Some truck accidents are caused by negligent commercial drivers. These are cases where you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries or loss. In these situations, it is important to act quickly by speaking with an attorney. You should never wait to hire an attorney after a truck accident because: Crucial evidence can disappear. Federal regulations require commercial trucking companies to retain certain types of evidence after accidents. Evidence might disappear if enough time passes. Hours of service logs, the truck’s black box and other important…
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How Dangerous Were Central Georgia Roads during Thanksgiving 2016?

We hope all of our readers had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday! As we head deeper into the holiday season, we thought we would revisit some statistics regarding last year’s holiday season as a small reminder to continue practicing safe driving behaviors. In 2016, 20 people died on Georgia roads during the Thanksgiving holiday. More than half of them were not wearing seat belts. That number increased 43 percent from the previous year. One of the common causes of holiday car accidents in Georgia is distracted driving. Texting and driving in particular is one of the most dangerous actions you can do on the road. This is because texting and driving fits all three major categories of distraction: visual, manual and cognitive. Why is it that Thanksgiving, of all holidays, is one of the most dangerous times to be on the road? One part of it has to due with traffic…
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