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Does the McArthur Law Firm Have A Reputation for Taking Cases to Trial?

According to McArthur law firm attorney Jessica Applegate Edmonds, they have tried more cases in two years than most do in ten. That definitely makes a difference when it comes to insurance companies and how that affects your case. The McArthur law firm is also known for being fair when it comes to clients and making sure they get a fair end result. It doesn’t cost anything more to enlist the help of the McArthur law firm, even with all their experience. Find out in this video why you need to hire the attorneys at McArthur, experienced in trying cases and getting the best result for you. Video Transcription: The McArthur law firm definitely has a reputation of taking cases to trial. We have tried way more cases in the past two years than I know some other law firms have tried in ten years. And insurance companies know that…
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McArthur Law Firm Joins Evander Holyfield in the Ring

Our Macon, Georgia attorneys are incredibly proud to announce a professional association with the legendary Evander Holyfield for a series of commercials, billboards and internet initiatives get the word out to injury victims that they have a fighter on their side. Holyfield, whose prolific athletic career has led to four heavyweight championship wins, agreed to partner with The McArthur Law Firm’s because of Kathy McArthur’s dedication and work to support those who need a strong voice in the justice system. Holyfield has proven to be an excellent role model and a generous and charitable supporter of communities in need through the Holyfield Foundation. His fighting spirit makes him a perfect face for our Macon, Georgia attorneys, who have a reputation for giving 110 percent to ensure maximum recovery for our clients. The first round of videos were shot at the Atlanta Police Athletic League (PAL), which serves as a boxing…
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McArthur Law Firm Set to Appear in Georgia Supreme Court

Personal Injury Attorneys Katherine L. McArthur and Caleb F. Walker, both of the McArthur Law Firm will travel to Atlanta to argue before the Georgia Supreme Court. The story can be read HERE.

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