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Has Tesla Recovered from the Fatal Autopilot Crash?

A Dutch family was returning home from Belgium when they ran into some trouble. Two SUVs in front of the family’s car crashed together, and it appeared that their car might get swept up in the crash. However, this family was riding in a Tesla Model X—equipped with an autonomous driving system that has proven both good and bad. Did the Fatal Autopilot Crash Hurt Tesla’s Autonomous Vehicle Efforts? The Dutch family was amazed when their vehicle began to slow on its own. According to the driver, he had the SUV in autopilot mode when he saw the crash ahead unfold. He moved to push the brakes only to find that the Model X had already done it for him. The footage from the family’s dash cam also reveals that the car bleeped a warning before the two SUV’s ahead of them wrecked. That means the car actually predicted the…
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Will Your Tesla Snitch On You?

He was driving down the road when his Tesla Model X suddenly accelerated and slammed into the side of a building, or at least that is what the SUV’s driver told authorities when they questioned him about the crash. However, this man’s SUV had a different story for officials. Will Your Tesla Snitch On You? The people at Tesla have a little secret when it comes to their electric vehicles. It seems that the company’s vehicles are keeping track of your every input and maneuver, which means that you are being monitored every time you drive a Tesla vehicle. The man who crashed his Model X into a building didn’t account for this, so when he told officials that the car had suddenly accelerated on its own, Tesla had the data to prove that the car was responding to the man’s inputs. Now the man is claiming persecution due to…
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