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Takata Air Bags Claim 11th Victim in the United States

The Takata air bag recall is the largest product recall in United States history. The problem with Takata air bags lies with the inflators and propellant devices. In the event of a crash, these components may deploy improperly. When they do, they explode, firing metal shrapnel into a vehicle’s occupants. The problem is especially apparent in warm, humid areas. On July 11, 2017, Takata announced the recall of another 2.7 million air bags in addition to the other 100 million recalled globally to date. Another Death Honda recently announced that it has confirmed another U.S. death related to the Takata air bags. The incident occurred in Florida in June 2016. An individual was working on repairs to a 2001 Honda Accord when the air bag ruptured. That individual sustained serious injuries that led to his death a day later. Of the deaths linked to the Takata air bag inflators, 16…
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How Is Georgia Connected to a Truck Explosion in Texas?

In late August, a tractor-trailer was hauling hazardous cargo through Maverick County, Texas when something went wrong. The truck couldn’t negotiate a turn and sped off road. It crashed into a culvert before rolling over and coming to a stop. Then the truck caught on fire and exploded. The blast destroyed a nearby home—fatally injuring its occupant—and wounded the truck driver and two people who were driving by. The community was devastated by the effects of this explosion, but would you believe the aftermath is still spreading all the way to Georgia? Is a Truck Explosion in Texas Connected to Georgia? Industrial Transit is a commercial trucking company that runs out of LaGrange, Georgia. It has five trucks that it uses to haul vehicle parts all over the country, and back in August, this company was hauling Takata airbag inflators through Texas. These inflators are known for being unstable and…
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Will Takata Use Bankruptcy to Escape Victim Lawsuits?

Did you know that the Takata recall is the largest in automotive history? It affects around one in seven vehicles on the road here in the United States. This deadly defect has only been fixed in one out of every five cars that have been recalled, and the auto industry only has until 2019 to complete all these repairs. But what happens if Takata isn’t around to make sure these repairs happen? Can Takata Use Bankruptcy to Dodge Victim Lawsuits? Bankruptcy is meant to help shield business owners from a failing business so they can try to build a new business later. It has helped prop up the economy, but it has also been misused to help companies reduce or dodge the debts they owe. Now some people are beginning to worry that this might be exactly what Takata is doing. Reports are surfacing that Takata has plans to restructure…
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