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Are You In More Danger After A Car Accident?

Surviving a traffic accident is never fun, even when you sustain no injuries, but just because an incident is over doesn’t mean the danger has passed. In Florida, a man was forced to jump off of a 30-foot-tall bridge while he was changing a blown out tire. In Louisiana, a man was forced to do the same thing while he was inspecting a fender bender. Now there has been an incident right here in Macon… Are You In More Danger After A Car Accident? It was 7:30 in the morning at the intersection of Avondale Mill and Hawkinsville when three cars came together in a chain reaction car accident. The collisions were fairly mild: a BMW had rear-ended an exterminator’s Toyota truck, and the truck had run into a Chrysler that was in front of it. At this point no one was injured. A construction worker who saw the accident…
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