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Should a Georgia School Pay for a Sports Injury?

A 15-year-old was working out with his football team at Arabia Mountain High School. It was March and the boy was running inside the weight room when he ran into something. A broken electrical outlet was jutting out of a nearby wall and the 15-year-old had been caught on it. The piece of metal cut a 6-inch-long gash into the boy’s leg, and the injury has forced this athlete undergo a long and expensive recovery. Now, his school is refusing to accept any responsibility for the incident, but this boy’s mother won’t go down without a fight. Should a Georgia School Be Held Responsible for a Sports Injury? The boy’s mother says that the wound was so bad that she, her son, and a nurse all yelled when they unbandaged it for the first time. After the incident, the boy spent three days in the hospital and was confined to…
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