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Do You Think Snapchat Should Be Held Responsible for this Crash?

If you can get your Snapchat speed filter up to 100 mph, you can get an in-app trophy. This reward of sorts may not seem like much, but people are putting their lives on the line to get it. Reports of people crashing while trying to get that infamous trophy have come in from all over the world, and some have even died trying to do it. One case here in Georgia was poised to make Snapchat answer for creating an app with such destructive power, but a new development may have scuttled that effort. Should Snapchat Be Held Responsible? Months ago, we told you the story of an Uber driver whose car was struck at 107 mph. The Uber driver and his wife managed to survive this crash, but the man sustained severe injuries. He may now need medical care for the rest of his life. The Uber driver’s…
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