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Do Police Chases Really Keep You Safer?

His life was changed forever as a repair man from North Georgia was thrown from his ladder back in 2014. Since then he has had two bone graphs, three plates with 18 screws inserted into his arm, and other medical procedures that have added up to nearly $200,000, and the people he alleges are responsible for his injuries are refusing to pay a dime. Who Is Responsible For A Car Chase Injury? The North Georgia repairman was fixing a sign in Lumpkin County when he heard police sirens and the screech of tires on the pavement below. Suddenly the man was flying 30 feet through the air before crashing back down to earth. The sign that he was fixing, and his ladder had been struck by a stolen truck. The police had chased the stolen vehicle all across the city before deciding to end the chase with a PIT maneuver—a…
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