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School Bus Accident Rekindles the Fight for Bus Seat Belts

Several states have been looking into mandating three-point seat belts on school buses as a measure to keep kids safe. There is fierce debate on the issue, with some (including national transportation agencies) arguing that three-point seat belts don’t help much or, in some situations, may actually be less safe. On April 11, a bus carrying 41 students in Macon was struck from behind by a vehicle. The accident injured five students, two of whom were hospitalized and three of whom were taken by their parents to receive medical care. The driver in the incident was also hospitalized, but thankfully, there were no fatalities. Would seat belts have prevented child injuries in this bus accident? Seat Belts and School Buses: What the NHTSA Has to Say Only six states mandate school bus seat belts – New York, California, Florida, New Jersey, Louisiana and Texas. The American Academy of Pediatrics has…
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Premises Liability, Part 3: Injured on a College Campus

The rules and regulations regarding premises liability incidents on college campuses can be complicated. There are many ways in which a visitor or student at a college campus can suffer injury. Common accidents on college campuses include slip and fall accidents, parking lot injuries, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, swimming pool accidents as well as negligent security injuries, such as those inflicted during an assault. Under the doctrine of premises liability, people injured on a college campus have the right to seek damages from the college if it can be proven that negligence on the part of the school caused an injury. However, not every injury on campus will be the fault of the college. Sometimes, the negligence of a third party is the cause of injury. However, questions of liability can be complex, and sometimes multiple parties can be responsible. An Example of Premises Liability on College Campus If, for…
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Should Crash Victims Sue the Bus Company?

It was early morning on the first of November when disaster struck. A school bus carrying children to school slammed into a Ford Mustang before careening into a public transit bus. The crash injured 11 people, but five others didn’t make it. This tragedy has left a community in shock and wondering who is responsible for this fatal crash. Is the Bus Company Responsible for a School Bus Crash? The man driving the school bus involved in this crash was experienced. The 67-year-old had been driving school busses for years, but there was a problem. Over the past five years, this man had been involved in at least 12 automobile crashes. He was even known to suffer from seizure-like episodes that rendered him unable to drive, and yet he was still allowed behind the wheel of a school bus. The Baltimore school district where this happened contracts with a bus…
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