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You Don’t Have To Catch ‘Em All!

Do you remember the story of the young woman who allegedly ran into another vehicle while using Snapchat? Witnesses claimed she was trying to get the 100 mph in-app trophy by going 107 mph when she crashed. She now faces a lawsuit and criminal charges, while the makers of the app also face pending litigation. However, her case could just be the beginning of an app-based distracted driving trend. You Don’t Have To Catch ‘Em All! Officers from the Auburn Police Department in New York ran across a strange incident at around 10:44 pm on July 12th. A 28-year-old had driven his car into a tree. When the police arrived, they found the man disoriented with a few cuts on his knees. However, he could have sustained far worse injuries. Law enforcement discovered that the car’s engine had almost pushed into the passenger compartment. When asked what caused the crash,…
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