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F-16s Crash Over Georgia! Is The Government Liable For The Damages Caused When Fighters Crash?

A few weeks ago, two fighter jets crashed into each other over a rural area in Georgia. The pilots were performing maneuvers as part of their South Carolina National Guard training before deployment, and both were able to eject safely, avoiding serious injury. The jets, both F-16Cs, crashed into an unpopulated, forested area. So far, the National Guard has not revealed what may have caused the mid-air collision, but cleanup efforts are underway. Generally, that means that the Army or National Guard will gather the debris (it’s government property, after all), but they may not automatically pay for the damages caused when fighters crash. Usually, that takes a lawsuit. While it sounds like something that might happen in a movie (maybe a movie involving karaoke and beach volleyball), this crash is not the first of its kind. There have been several other instances of military aircraft going down over American…
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