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Is This Pharmaceutical Liability Case the Deadliest in Medical History?

In 2013, a woman in her seventies was rushed to the hospital due to fungal meningitis. A year earlier, she had been taken to the hospital, sick with the same potentially deadly disease. Luckily, she survived her second bout with the illness, but not without a price. This woman now suffers from hearing loss and back pain due to her illness, and she is not alone in her struggles with this deadly disease. Just How Deadly Can a Pharmaceutical Liability Case Be? Nationwide, around 750 other people also came down with a case of fungal meningitis around the same time as this woman. Out of the hundreds who got sick during this outbreak, 76 people died. It was a medical nightmare, and it only got worse as authorities realized that the people all had one thing in common—New England Compounding Center. A group of pharmacists and executives had come together…
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Why Did Bristol-Myers Squibb Have to Pay $19 Million?

Do you know what an atypical antipsychotic medication is? These medications are supposed to have less side-effects than traditional antipsychotic meds, and Abilify was considered one of the best. In 2013, Bristol-Myers Squibb—manufacturer of Abilify—sold $6.4 billion of the drug. It was the top-selling medication of that year, but there were some problems on the horizon. The Problem That’s Going to Cost Bristol-Myers Squibb $19 Million In 2002, Abilify was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat adults with schizophrenia. It would later be approved to treat bipolar disorder and other conditions, but at the time most healthcare professionals thought it had few side effects. That soon changed as studies revealed that some people taking the drug would have uncontrollable urges. They would binge eat, go on wild shopping sprees, gamble, and become sex addicts. These compulsions could often become destructive, and Bristol-Myers Squibb soon had to…
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