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Could Your FitBit Be Used to Help Your Personal Injury Lawsuit?

The world is always changing, and nowhere is this change more obvious that in the world of technology. New devices and information technology are changing our lives daily. Now a new deal between two different tech companies could change the way your healthcare works. This change could also affect your future personal injury lawsuit. How FitBit and Google May Be Changing the Way a Personal Injury Lawsuit Works On April 30th, Google and FitBit, Inc. announced an unexpected partnership. FitBit, which makes wearable health monitoring devices, will have access to Google’s Cloud Healthcare API. So, what does this mean for you? It means that users may be able to connect their FitBit profiles with their electronic medical records. This will allow healthcare professionals to use the data for your FitBit to help diagnose your ailments or create a treatment plan for you. This has the potential of changing the way…
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Proving Damages in a Nursing Home Abuse Case

According to the CDC, over 2 million people reside in nursing homes and that number continues to increase every year. Nursing homes are expected to provide a safe, comfortable environment for their residents and take care of their increasing needs. Unfortunately, in some nursing homes, residents are subjected to abuse rather than care. It is possible to file a legal claim against the abusive caretaker or nursing home. However, you will be required to prove the abuse happened and any injuries sustained by the resident resulted from the abuse. Nursing home residents can be abused in several ways including physically, sexually, or financially. This abuse usually comes from caretakers and residents may not be healthy enough to defend themselves. It is therefore important to keep an eye out for signs of neglect or abuse, such as unexplained injuries or missing property, so you can report the abuse immediately. Further, if…
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What Caused the Deadly Amtrak Accident in Seattle?

Devastation struck DuPont, Washington on Monday, December 18 when the Amtrak Cascades 501 train derailed on its maiden voyage from Seattle to Portland. The train was carrying 86 people when it rounded a curve at nearly three times the speed limit. It left the tracks and hurled passenger cars off an overpass and into rush hour traffic on the road below. More than 100 people were hospitalized and at least three passengers were killed. Speed was obviously a factor in this crash, but why was the train moving at 80 mph around a 30-mph curve? The train’s engineer has not yet been interviewed at the time of this writing, and it is hoped that his statement could shed light on the cause of this catastrophic train accident. Another question that is being asked: could positive train control (PTC) have prevented the accident? The Fight for Positive Train Control Systems Positive…
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