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Are Car Drivers the Top Danger to Motorcyclists?

When was the last time you noticed a motorcyclist while driving your car? It’s probably a question you have to think about for a little while, and even then, you can only think of one or two recently. However, there are more motorcyclists out there than you think, and they need you to notice them. It could be a matter of life or death. What’s the Top Danger to Motorcyclists? Car Drivers. It was 8:00 in the morning along a peaceful stretch of Pio Nono Avenue. This area isn’t known for being a spot where auto crashes happen, but on September 4th, that changed. A 39-year-old man was riding his black motorcycle down the road when he his path was suddenly obstructed. A woman driving a Chrysler 300 southbound along Pio Nono Ave. made a U-turn, but she didn’t notice the motorcycle. She pulled out in front of the motorcycle,…
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Is The Postal Service A Danger To Motorcyclists?

On November 10, 2012, a drywall contractor hopped onto his motorcycle to go make a bid for a job. His girlfriend decided to join him, and they rode off and onto Ga. 198. Along the way, the couple got stuck behind a mail truck that was out and about on its rounds. When the truck pulled to the right, the contractor pulled past—thinking that the postal truck was pulling over to deliver mail—but the postal service driver was actually preparing for a left-hand turn. Is The Postal Service A Danger To Motorcyclists? Without noticing the motorcyclists, the mail truck ran into their Harley. Acting fast, the contractor pushed off of the mail truck with his right leg, and managed to throw his girlfriend free of the wreck, but the selfless act was costly. The contractor’s foot got caught on the mail truck’s bumper, and he was dragged further into the…
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