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Motorcyclists Mowed Down By Drunk Driver

A Sunday church service had just ended when a North Georgia couple mounted their 2015 Harley-Davidson to ride home. They only made it to Dawnville Road in Whitfield County before a driver under the influence ruined their night of worship. Motorcyclists Mowed Down By Drunk Driver The driver of a Mercury Grand Marquis was trying to light a cigarette when his car crossed the median. His vehicle collided head on with a Harley-Davidson, ejecting the motorcycle’s riders, and sending both vehicles crashing down a 30-foot embankment. When the police arrived, they declared the couple dead, and arrested the driver, who sustained only minor injuries. The driver will now be charged with first degree homicide by vehicle, driving with a suspended or revoked license, failure to maintain lane, driving on the wrong side of the road and driving under the influence. However, this news brings little solace to a family morning…
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Georgia Man Suffers Head Injury after Motorcycle Accident

A Georgia motorcyclist was hospitalized with a head injury after motorcycle accident in late July on I-90. The victim and his cousin were enjoying a leisurely cruise when a caravan of camper trailers moved in front of their motorcycles. The cousin was able to stop his motorcycle in time, but the victim ended up hitting the other motorcycle instead. He was thrown 20 feet and landed on the side of the interstate. When emergency responders arrived, he was airlifted to Missoula where he received treatment. Motorcycle accidents are among the most deadly accidents. The thin profile of a motorcycle and rider can easily be missed by drivers who are inattentive or distracted, and the instability of a motorcycle can mean that even a minor hiccup can send the rider flying. Additionally, the lack of protection afforded by a motorcycle can lead to a serious accident, even at low speed. The…
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