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Theme Park Safety: Family Alleges Negligence Caused Injury

A Georgia woman is accusing Walt Disney Parks and Resort U.S. Inc. for injuries that her child suffered due to alleged negligence at Magic Kingdom. According to the complaint, in 2014, the child was boarding Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, a ride at the park, when an employee negligently slammed the ride’s safety device onto the child’s finger. The child suffered severe and permanent bodily injury according to the lawsuit. The plaintiff is blaming the park for negligence, claiming that Disney failed to train its employee on how to safely secure ride passengers as well as failure to warn of present dangers. They are asking for $15,000 or more. Theme Park Premises Liability Theme park operators have a duty of care to maintain all aspects of the park and to warn visitors if a dangerous condition exists. Failure to live up to this duty of care (a “breach” of duty)…
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