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Do You Think Jim Carrey is Responsible for His Girlfriend’s Death?

Almost a year after her death, the estranged husband of a Hollywood makeup artist has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. The 30-year-old makeup artist died back in 2015 due to an Ambien and oxycodone overdose, but her husband claims that it was her boyfriend who enabled the tragedy, and now he wants him to be held responsible. That boyfriend was celebrity funny man Jim Carrey. Is Jim Carrey Responsible for His Girlfriend’s Death? Coroners ruled the woman’s overdose as intentional, but her husband thinks she never would have taken her own life if Carrey had not helped. He accuses Carrey of using a fake identity to acquire prescription drugs for her. He believes that she never would have had the opportunity if not for his actions, and so he has taken the actor to court. However, Carrey isn’t taking the accusation lightly. The actor says it would be easy for…
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