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How Do Special Needs Trusts Help Injury Victims?

Why should a personal injury victim think about a special needs trust? Special needs trusts are tools to help injury victims preserve certain government benefits, like Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Programs like these have caps on the amount of income and assets a person can have before losing eligibility. For someone to qualify for SSI, that person cannot take in more than $735 per month, or that person loses benefits (this number changes every year). So, if a person on SSI receives significant assets through a personal injury settlement, that person risks losing access to those essential SSI benefits because the settlement exceeds the $735 cap. That’s where the special needs trust comes in. If a special needs trust is properly structured, the assets held within that trust are not counted toward the caps that would ruin a person’s eligibility for benefits. The funds inside a special needs…
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What Can Happen if My Medical Device Fails?

There are many medical devices out there that are made to help your body deal with health conditions. Sometimes these devices help you breath better, sometimes they improve your mobility, and some can even help your heart work better. However, have you ever wondered what can happen if one of these devices fail, and have you ever heard about what can go wrong if they are misused? If My Medical Device Fails, What Can Happen? In Georgia, a man went under the knife to have a C.R. Bard G2 Vena Cava Filter implanted in his inferior vena cava (IVC). This IVC filter was supposed to catch blood clots and break them up, which would help prevent the man’s arteries from clogging. However, the patient later experienced chest pains and found out the filter had broken. How could this be? This particular type of filter was meant to be a temporary…
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What Would You Do If Your Child Came Home Missing Teeth?

A 9-year-old arrived home late after what his mother thought was a typical day at school, but when she saw the boy, she knew something wasn’t right. Her son’s face was swollen and when she opened his mouth she discovered that three of his teeth were missing. Worst of all, she discovered that the boy’s school was responsible. What If Your Child Came Home Missing Teeth? At a Baltimore elementary school, a dental program was visiting. The program sent notices to the parents of the children who went to the school, along with a permission form. The mother of this 9-year-old thought the permission slip was for a tooth cleaning, so she signed it. However, that slip was for far more than a routine tooth cleaning. The dental program removed three of the boy’s teeth in a procedure that took so long the boy missed his bus home. That forced…
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