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Is It Legal To Set Off Explosives In Georgia?

A group of Georgia men had a hunger for fame and they decided to use YouTube to feed that need. They cooked up an idea involving a high-powered rifle, a lawnmower, and three pounds of a substance called Tannerite. What happened next stole their appetites for stardom. Why Have There Been Explosions In The Georgia Backcountry? It was a normal March day when the Walton County Sherriff’s Department started receiving phone calls about a loud explosion. The officers thought it was just another guy in the backwoods shooting explosive targets, and they were right, but this case had a particular twist. How Did A YouTube Video Go Wrong? A group of friends were having fun and filming a YouTube video in the backcountry. Using an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and three pounds of Tannerite, the men were planning to blow up a lawnmower, but none of the YouTubers had paid close…
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