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Why Are Logging Trucks Dangerous for Georgia Motorists?

Logging trucks are a common sight in Macon and across Georgia. You probably see the logging trucks during your day-to-day travels. These trucks are also a cause of Macon truck accidents that involve injuries or deaths. Last month, three people suffered injuries after a logging truck flipped over at the intersection on Jefferson Road. Police said the logging truck driver ran through a red light. Logging trucks are heavy vehicles, even when they are not fully loaded. Minor collisions with these vehicles can result in catastrophic injuries or death. Logging trucks may crash for reasons that include but are not limited to: Improperly secured loads. There are multiple types of accidents that may occur when logging truck loads are not properly secured. Logs may come loose and hit other motorists. In addition, unsecured logs may shift while the vehicle is in motion. This may cause the truck to tip over…
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Can an At-Fault Driver’s Employer Be Responsible for an Accident?

There may be multiple parties who are responsible for a motor vehicle accident. In some cases, only the driver is at fault. However, there are also situations where the at-fault driver’s employer is liable for the crash. It would depend on the circumstances. A Georgia employer can be liable for a wreck if an employee using a company vehicle caused a wreck while they were acting within the scope of his or her employment. Let’s say, for example, an employee is hauling equipment to a warehouse for his employer when he crashes into another vehicle, killing its occupant. This is a case where the employer might be liable. However, there are also situations where an employer can be liable for entrusting a vehicle to an employee. These are cases where an employee does not need to be operating within the scope of his or her employment at the time of…
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Should Georgia School Buses Use Three-Point Seatbelts?

The driver of a school bus that crashed in Chattanooga, Tennessee in late 2016 was recently found guilty of six counts of negligent homicide. In November 2016, the school bus was carrying 37 elementary school students when it tipped over and crashed into a tree. Six children died in the crash. In another crash that occurred in late January, a Houston County school bus overturned while transporting 35 students. One student died in the crash and multiple others suffered injuries. School buses use compartmentalization to protect students from the impact forces caused by a collision This is why many large school buses do not have seat belts. High seatbacks with padding, close seating and energy-absorbing technology can sometimes protect bus occupants during a wreck. However, compartmentalization cannot protect children in crashes like those that occurred in Chattanooga and Houston County. Rollover crashes can kill or severely injure school bus occupants…
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